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    Can anyone tell me in simple terms what asp is and how it works?<BR>Thanks

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    Basically ASP is a way of creating webpages. If you know anything about webpages you know that the basic language that your browser can read and therefore display is HTML. ASP is a server side scripting meaning that the code is processed by the server and then sent to the browser in pure HTML. This eliminates incompatibilies with different languages used by diferent browsers. (Javascript, VBS, Jscript, etc.) This is done by putting the code to be executed on the server between the tags &#060;% and %&#062; as opposed to HTML which is just &#060; &#062; or no tags for just writing.<BR>Quick example:<BR>On an HTML you would just write Hello World for those two word to display. If you viewed source you would see Hello World.<BR>In ASP you would write &#060;%Response.Write = "Hello World" %&#062; and this would be executed on the server and sent as the HTML Hello World above. Both the result on the screen and result within the source would be the same.<BR>No you&#039re probably asking "What&#039s the point? I just have to write more!"<BR>Well as you can guess I just did the easiest example. ASP allows for dynamic (interacive/reactive) pages to be created. It allows webpages to directly connect to a database (Oracle, SQL7, Sybase, Access, etc) and allows the user to interact with the information within the database the way you want to allow the user to. Queries, updates, additions, deletions to a database can all be done/chosen by the user on the other end.<BR>Well I think I&#039ve written enough, don&#039t wanna bore you. If you want more info just ask but for a basic (and hopefully understandable) overview, I think that&#039s it. Tell me if it wasn&#039t in "english" and you didn&#039t understand.<BR>HTH<BR>Daemon Blair.

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