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    Does anyone know what constitutes a legal (american) digital signature i.e does a scanned in image of ones signature count <BR>or is there a standard way of doing such things.?<BR>(I know this isn&#039t strictly an asp question - soz ;))

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    I don&#039t know about US law, but an image of your signature isn&#039t a digital signature. A digital signature verifies that the message signed has come from who it claims to be from and that it hasn&#039t been altered - a GIF of your signature does none of these things.<BR><BR>The first thing you need to do digital signatures is a digital certificate issued by a recognised (and trusted) certificate authority (such as Verisign). <BR><BR>A digital signature is created by taking a hash of the message (usually using the MD5 algorithm) then encrypting this hash using the private key of the asymmetric key pair in your certificate. If the recipient can decrypt the hash using your public key (available in your certificate and verified by the issuing authority) then they know that it&#039s been signed by you (because only your private key can encrypt masseges that your public key can decrypt). They can then verify the hash so that they know that the content hasn&#039t been altered in transit.<BR><BR>The whole subject is a bit involved and without a decent understanding of asymmetric-key cryptography you&#039ve got a lot of reading to do...<BR><BR>Dunc

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