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    lan Guest

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    I&#039m having a problem with the SQL Server. It is sporadically timing out database connections. <BR><BR>If anyone has any ideas, theories, or blatant speculation about what might be causing this phenomenon, please give me any idea.<BR><BR>My most gracious thanks in advance,<BR>Lan<BR><BR>

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    Check a few things:<BR><BR>1. make sure that your pages are releasing resources(connection.close<BR>set connection = nothing) at the end of EVERY page that opens a connection to the server. If you don&#039t close the connection it can hose your server.<BR><BR>2. what is your server built like? PII 200 with 96 mb of ram? I would not suggest running SQL on anything with less than a P3 and 256 mb ram.<BR><BR>3. is your server timeing out on the same script everytime, or different scripts? If it&#039s the same script, then it might be in your SQL statement, or in the script itself.<BR><BR>4. is the amount of the data that has to be built actually timing out the script? I had a script that pulled a report and built a 7 mb html file. Needless to say I had to add server.scripttimeout = 500 to fix it. Still was very slow though.<BR><BR>weigh those things in your situation.

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    lan Guest

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    Thank you very much for the suggestion. However my case is in none of your list. Actually, I didn&#039t have such problem in the past four months for this website. The scripts are same as before, I&#039m trying free up 500 MB of space on the disk.<BR><BR><BR>

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