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    I am currently considering adding a database to my web site. What concerns me is that the information that users will enter will need to be very secure. How can I achieve this if it is possible?

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    You have several things to consider. The first is, how much will your "safe feeling" cost? You can spend in the $500,000 range to secure your site and data.<BR><BR>There are some basics though.<BR><BR>1. Use SQL server. Unlike access it can reside in other places than your web site, even on another server.<BR>2. Use Verisign SSL. Encrypting your data will cost you $900 per year to get 128 bit, but the code hasn&#039t been broken.<BR>3. You could get into some highend authentication. I have seen a really cool token card scenario where the end user types his code into a credit card then inserts the credit card into a device attached to their machine. Then they have to type in a second password. You have to have a token server, and can get somewhat expensive. <BR>4. Biometrics. Yes, very cool, yes, VERY expensive. From finger printing to retna scanning. <BR><BR>The cheapest route would be to get the encryption and use SQL with real NT user authentication. And please be kind and use a firewall.;-0<BR><BR><BR>

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