Jambo !<BR><BR><BR>I&#039m in real deep with this one :<BR><BR>I&#039m doing some statistic reports on my pages and I&#039m going to use Excel&#039s new(?) ability of converting charts to Gif-Files.<BR><BR>Now I really need to know if it possible to change the size of the .GIF-file. <BR><BR>Changing the parameters, on line below allows me to set the type and size of the Chart on .GIF, not the .GIF it-self.<BR><BR> ObjExcelChart.SetChartOptions 57, 460, 300 <BR><BR><BR>The Legend (where series are shown besides coloured boxes ) grows so big that it won&#039t fit and in addition the image is way too big . <BR><BR>It would be perfect if I could tell cExcelchart.dll the size of the .GIF before generating starts on line<BR><BR> ObjExcelChart.ExportToGif( GifFile )<BR><BR>Here&#039s my code:<BR><BR><BR><BR>Set ObjExcelChart = Server.CreateObject ( "ExcelChart.cExcelChart" )<BR> <BR> <BR> for c = 0 to datequantity<BR><BR> ObjExcelChart.AddDataSeries Rs(c), "count" "&Legend(c)&", <BR> true, false<BR> next<BR> <BR>ObjExcelChart.SetXAxisHeadings RsWeeks, "interval"<BR> <BR>ObjExcelChart.SetChartTitles "", "", "%" &#039&#039 1st = Main-Title, <BR>2nd = x-axis, 3rd = y-axis<BR> ObjExcelChart.SetChartOptions 57, 460, 300<BR> <BR> ObjExcelChart.ExportToGif( GifFile )<BR><BR> <BR><BR><BR><BR>