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    Dear Sir,<BR> It was really nice and informative to come to your site.<BR>Having seen this facility of asking qustions online,I thought<BR>to grab this opporunity.<BR><BR>This is regarding the mails which we sent to our users.We have <BR>used ASP&#039s CDONTS component.Quite often,we have found that our<BR>users are not receiving the mails which we send.<BR><BR>Here I would like to specify that we are running on WindowsNT<BR>platform with IIS4.0 as the web server.The no of users are <BR>around 1000. But when the no of users are less then the mail go<BR>without any problem. The email addresses are being taken from the database(SQLServer7.0).<BR><BR>Sir, I want to ask that whether there is any restriction on<BR>the no of persons to which we can send a blind copy of the message.<BR><BR>Thanking you and waiting for an urgent reply.<BR><BR>Yours Sincerely,<BR><BR>Ashish Mathur<BR><BR><BR>

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    what does your mailing code look like? if you&#039re mailing a lot of users you&#039re probably overcooking the server.<BR><BR>I don&#039t know the BCC limit, but it&#039s probably less than 1000!<BR><BR>try splitting the operation into batch mailings of, say, 100 users at a time, to give the server breathing space.<BR><BR>jason

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    Have a look at - you should find your answer there.

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