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    I found your article on &#039Ad Rotator&#039 intersting. I tried it out. I got encoutered with a small problem. <BR>I&#039m unable to get connected to the hyperlink, when i click on the banner. When i click on the banner the current page gets loaded again and it is not opening a new window for the adversiting banner.<BR><BR>For example, If i have &#039Yahoo&#039 as an advertise banner in my site, when i click on the banner, normally a new window should open in URL " But nothing is happening.<BR><BR>I&#039m using Personal Web Server(PWS).<BR><BR>Can you help me getting solution for the probelm.<BR><BR>Once again, Thankyou for guiding me on Ad Rotator concept.<BR><BR>In expectation of reply,<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>LalithaSastry<BR><BR>lal

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    can we have a sample entry from your schedule file? prefereably one that has errors associated with it<BR><BR>jason

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