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    Does anyone have any good resources for search engine submission??<BR><BR>I am basically looking for a company who will submit my site to a lot of search engines for a fee and can&#039t find any. If anyone knows of any please let me know. Thanks

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    I have done extensive research in this area. It&#039s actually much more worthwhile submitting carefully yourself than using a company who doesn&#039t know your site/positioning<BR><BR>But, if you don&#039t have time to do this, I would recommend submission software such as WebPositionGold from (approx. $149). You can use this to set up a submission scheduler which automatically submits to all the major engines. It also ranks the results of your submissions and alerts you when you drop positions.<BR><BR>PS. For yahoo listings, you must do this yourself, it&#039s the only way - and even then it&#039s v. difficult. Check out helpful sites search as for tips.<BR><BR>Hope that helps.

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    You really need to do it yourself as most companies will rip you off. If you want to learn how, or to get someone to do it for you who knows what they are doing I recommend If you go elsewhere don`t waste your money on the "submit to 4000 search engines for $XX.XX"...

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