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    steve schofield Guest

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    any info on uploading files from ASP+.

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    Mike Perry Guest

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    From what I saw at the PDC, ASP+ has file uploading built into the object model. I can&#039t remember the specifics, and I just installed the pre-beta last night and haven&#039t had time to play with it yet.

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    File Uploading is indeed built into ASP+ (no more posting acceptor). You can take advantage of it through two ways:<BR><BR>1) The new Request.Files collection. This works like Request.QueryString and Request.Form, expect that the dictionary value is not a string -- but an object containing the posted file. You can either access the file using this object as raw bytes -- or use its "saveas" method to save it to disk.<BR><BR>For example:<BR><BR>Request.Files("MyFile").SaveAs("c: serverfile.txt")<BR><BR>2) There is also a new built-in file upload server control that encapsulates much of the above functionality. You can declare it within a page like:<BR><BR>&#060;input id="Myfile" type=file runat=server&#062;<BR><BR>and then program against it:<BR><BR>Myfile.PostedFile.SaveAs("c:serverfile. txt")

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    weeni Guest

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    HI <BR><BR> just want to know that with request.file.saveas method or with new componenet can we save the files in various formats like .xls or .doc or .rtf etc etc<BR><BR>Thanx<BR>Weeni<BR><BR>Weeni@talk21.com< BR><BR>

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