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    Okay I&#039m new at this, so be forgiving.<BR>Which is the "superior" and more widely supported medium for creating code for messageboards, guestbooks and interactive medium in a similar vein? In a few years, which will be a more dominate internet code, ASP or CGI scripts?

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    Well, CGI has supposedly been on it&#039s deathbed for the last few years but there&#039s still a lot of it about. Which is "superior" depends on what you want to do, what resources you have and what platform you&#039re working on.<BR><BR>In a few years I expect both CGI and ASP to have gone the way of the dinosaur - this is the Internet remember! Seriously, Microsoft are just firing up the hype machine for ASP+ (the next generation...) which looks like it could be fantastic.<BR><BR>If you&#039re working on a Microsoft platform I&#039d recommend ASP, on a UNIX platform I&#039d probably recommend JSP. I don&#039t think anybody would really recommend CGI these days - it filled a niche once but it&#039s been superceded.<BR><BR>Dunc

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