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    Hello, I&#039m trying to display 5 records at a time from my database. I pre-populate a listbox from my database from which the user can select an option. When I select an option from the listbox and hit submit, the first 5 records are displayed fine. However, when I hit the link "NEXT" it takes me back to the first page (The one where the user selects an option). How do I pass the selected data back to the same page and continue paging the database? <BR><BR>Thanks In Advance!<BR>-Joan

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    Short answer: Fix your code. Especially fix what your NEXT link is doing.<BR><BR>Longer answer: Maybe go read the "paging" lessons at ??<BR><BR>Even longer answer: Show some code. How can we guess what your booboo is from the description you gave us?<BR><BR>

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