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    I have a frames page, a list boxes page (2 boxes), and several images. Some things I would like to do:<BR>1) limit the width of the list boxes (they keep changing with depending on what the options are in the boxes, they are dynamic list boxes)<BR>2) Send the image (gif) selected in the 2nd list box to the second frame (there are 2) on the frames.asp page.<BR>3) fill the 2nd frame on the frames page with the image sent to it so the user does not have to scroll to see all the contents of the frame.<BR><BR>Any suggestions?<BR>Thanks in advance.

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    Default a little of JavaScript in browser

    None of this is really ASP.<BR><BR>To set a fixed size for a list box, use CSS (that is, a style).<BR><BR>&#060;SELECT Style="width:150;"...&#062;<BR><BR>But that may not work, as is, in both MSIE and NS. You might need a pre-declared-by-name style to get it to work with both.<BR><BR>************<BR><BR>To make an image appear in the other frame, one of the easiest ways is to simply rewrite the entire frame contents via JavaScript. If you first find the size of the other frame (more JS code), then you could ask for the image to be sized right to the needed space.<BR><BR>Something like<BR><BR>;<BR>pare nt.Frame2.document.write("&#060;BODY&#062;&#060;IM G SRC=&#039" + xxx + "&#039 &#062;&#060;/BODY&#062;");<BR>parent.Frame2.document.close();<B R><BR>

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