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    Papa Zito Guest

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    Okay, so I&#039ve spent the last 4 or 5 months learning all about VBScript and all of its objects and goofball ways... and now I can&#039t use it in ASP+ So now I have to learn something else to keep up with the newest stuff. WHY ME???<BR><BR>Okay, I feel better now.<BR><BR>So then, what&#039s the easiest language to start learning with a background in VBScript? VB7 kinda leaps out, but then there&#039s this C# thing, which looks kinda similar, and apparently a host of other stuff once it&#039s past beta. If it&#039s VB7, would it be worth starting to learn VB6, or are they so dissimilar that it&#039d be a waste of time?

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    Byno Guest

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    Hey don&#039t feel bad or feel like you have been wasting your time. VBScript has a lot of similarities to VB...VBScript is just a subset of VB anyways. You would be best to just start learning VB6 and when VB7 comes out you can learn any of the new changes in that release. Believe me this will not be the first time you learn a technology just to find out it is being completely changed or dropped(ie:Webclasses) But that&#039s the beauty of our constantly changing. Good luck!

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