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    I am new to this developer stuff but I was involved with an ASP project back in &#039 96 and saw some pretty cool stuff done by our developers at the time.<BR><BR>I want to put an Access db on my web server and export 5 or 6 different data forms to this db. The theory is that 2 or 3 people in Marketing can query this db through a browser and gather user data, metrics, etc. My questions is: SHOULD this be done with ASP, CAN this all be done with ASP? Should ACCESS be the db?<BR><BR>I want to keep this as simple as possible. Any code out there I can look at?<BR><BR>Feel free to email me at:<BR><BR>Thanks for the help!!!!<BR>Bogie

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    If you are looking for simple, you may want to look into cold fusion. ( It&#039ll cost you a few hundred bucks, but most people think it is a lot easier when dealing with connecting to, reading from, and writing to databases. If you want to use ASP, I would suggest you get a book - there&#039s too much to it to post any complete sample and explanation here. I used "Beginning Active Server Pages 2.0" by Wrox when I started and it got me up and running on the basics very quickly.

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