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    Sherif Abushadi Guest

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    Thanks for reading.<BR><BR>We&#039ve got several hundred ASP pages in this application and about 50 COM<BR>objects. Each of the objects has several methods, some have 20 or more.<BR><BR>Someone just asked the following:<BR><BR>"Which methods are no longer being used? Shouldn&#039t we pull the objects<BR>which are obsolete out of production?"<BR><BR>Since no one has been keeping track, we&#039re at a loss.<BR><BR>We&#039re looking for a tool that will, much like the disk usage tools do, audit<BR>the ASP usage of all the methods in the COM layer. That way we can focus<BR>our attention on the most actively used methods and remove those that are<BR>never used.<BR><BR>Any suggestions?<BR><BR>Thanks again.<BR><BR><BR>

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    Brian Tunning Guest

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    There are several ways to go about this:<BR>1. Cross reference a list of all your prog ID&#039s with all of your ASP code in use. Throw out all components where the prog id&#039s aren&#039t listed in the asp.<BR>(you could make a list of the prog id&#039s yourself, or get them from the registry)<BR><BR>2. Use a tool such as filemon to monitor file access to your DLL&#039s (available on, or a tool like regmon<BR>(available on the same site) to monitor registry calls to your<BR>classes.<BR><BR>It wouldn&#039t really be reasonable to remove the methods that aren&#039t being used, but it is reasonable to remove classes that aren&#039t being used.<BR>

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