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    cryogen Guest

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    ok, im using Jogn Sgros page counter from the 4GFR article section and keep running into a strange error.<BR>Error Type:<BR>Active Server Pages, ASP 0116 (0x80004005)<BR>The Script block lacks the close of script tag (%&#062;).<BR>/new/pagecounter.asp, line 1<BR><BR>now im not an idiot(maybe, LOL) ;-) so i KNOW that the script has both open and close ASP tags (&#060;%%&#062;)! <BR>is there something else that can cause this as well?????<BR>

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    al dawg Guest

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    are you sure you didn&#039t accidentally start a new &#060;% block? sometimes when I do my first line I&#039ll forget and start another section down the page.

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    cryogen Guest

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    well...i got it...the tag WAS gone, even tho i repasted the code like 5 times!<BR>thks <BR>cryogen

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