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    tony Guest

    Default want to create a pop up screen

    I want to create or have created a pop up screen..when a user<BR>leaves my site without registering I would like to know why.<BR><BR>I want to have a pop up page to ethically bribe them for their feedback. I would Offer something of value for it.<BR><BR>I would also like it to do the same if I get a one page hit.<BR><BR>I believe I can beter serve my customers this way.<BR><BR><BR>

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    SamJ Guest

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    So you want a pop-up window to come up every time someone tries to leave your site without registering?!? First of all, how irritating would that be! Second of all you can&#039t prevent someone from closing their browser or typing in a new URL. You can&#039t control anything they do in their own browser. The only thing you can control is what they do IN your pages like clicking on a link.<BR><BR>The short answer: No, if someone types a URL in the location window or closes the browser you can not capture that information and respond with a popup window. And I for one am glad.

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