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    Jordan Bruschi Guest

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    Hello,<BR><BR> I´m looking for help to develop a "mailing list program" built in<BR>ASP.<BR>What I need is:<BR><BR>1) a page where users can subscribe your name and e-mail.<BR>2) a thanks page after doing it.<BR>3) a page where users can unsubscribe their e-mail.<BR>4) a database where e-mails and names will be remained.<BR>5) a page where I can send users my newsletter (incluting<BR>attachment)<BR>throught the database above.<BR><BR>I hope you can help me!<BR>

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    al dawg Guest

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    4guys has an article explaining it all (w/ a download also I believe).<BR><BR>I just wrote my own from scratch because 1) i didn&#039t really like theirs, and 2) I felt like doing it on my own.<BR><BR>If you find that theirs doesn&#039t suit you, building it isn&#039t really hard...mine (with administration scripts) is about 12 pages.<BR><BR>You also dont need a "full" page for your subscribe. Just a plain one line form with a submit button will do fine. Just add it to your index page and BOOM! you&#039re done.<BR><BR>If you do decide to write your own, good for you! If you need help you can email me at . Don&#039t ask for the whole thing though, you will have to do some work yourself.<BR><BR>Happy Programming! (I like that Tag-Line)

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