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    QueryString is returning a null in Netscape version 4.7.<BR>In the first page I have the following code:<BR>function btnShowReport_onclick() {<BR>sorttype = document.forms.thisForm.lstSort.value<BR>window.op en("joblist.asp?" + "sort=" + sorttype,"ActiveJobs","toolbar=no scrollbars=yes menubar=yes width=600 resizable=yes");<BR>}<BR>Then in joblist.asp I have:<BR>&#060;%<BR>SortyBy=Request.QueryString("s ort")<BR>%&#062;<BR>___________<BR>In this code SortBy is Always NULL. And something is chosen<BR>in lstSort. It works fine in IE.<BR>Sort always contains either 0 or 1<BR>Help <BR>

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    You left out a semicolon -- ; -- at the end of "sorttype = document.forms.thisForm.LstSort.value". IE, because it also translates VBScript, is made so that it doesn&#039t require a ";" at the end of every statement -- a linebreak will do. NS, however, doesn&#039t support VBScript, and so it doesn&#039t support not having one. :)

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