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    Is there any way to force a browser to query the database again when a user hits a back button as opposed to the browser using a page it has in cache??<BR><BR>It seems the following does not do it:<BR><BR>&#060;meta http_equiv=pragma content=no cache&#062; etc....<BR><BR>I have tried this line but it does not have an affect...any ideas?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance

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    I have tried the following with varying results:<BR>&#060;%response.expires=0%&#062;<BR><B R>This tells the browser not to cache the page. This hasn&#039t been totally reliable for me though, because I think it is telling the browser not to cache it on the disk, but it still gets cached by the browser in memory. I haven&#039t been able to determine why sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn&#039t.

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