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    I created a COM DLL that builds an does pricing analysis and puts results in an Excel sheet. That Excel sheet is then saved on the web server for user download. Depending on user inputs the pricing analysis may run on up to 5000 items and may take 10 minutes. <BR>This was working great when the companys mandatory brower was Netscape. Recently the company switched to IE 4 and when the COM runs longer than 5 minutes IE times out (Operation Timed Out). <BR><BR>I thought I could get around IE&#039s time limit by using asynchronous remote scripting. But it seems to time out after 5 minutes also. <BR><BR>Does anyone out there know how to extend the remote scripting callback time limit?<BR>

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    Possibly the answer is to examine you DB design instead of treat the symptom, solve the problem, or limit the number of product that they can query to a number that will be returned before the time out period....<BR><BR>

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    I already limited the results to 5000 rows in excel. It seems big but this company has over 200,000 items in the database. And depending on the server load the COM DLL can create any where from 1000 to 5000 rows in before Explorers 5 minute time out.<BR><BR>So I did some innovative client side scripting to solve this problem. I call the remote script asynchronously with a defined error callback procedure. If Explorer causes the remote script to time out the error callback jscript function runs. And this function check the elapsed time since the remote script was fisrt called, if the time is between 298 and 300 seconds then, chances are pretty good that, the error was because of the Explorer time out (**** feature) So I change the INPUT BUTTON value to "PLEASE WAIT A LITTLE LONGER" and do a window.location.href = "filearchive.asp" to change to a screen that displays all of excel files this users has created. But the filearchive.asp screen uses the same COM DLL to list the excel files (a simple filesystemobject usage function) and it stalls when trying to use the DLL until the previous CreateEXCEL function called by the remote script is finished. This page is set to auto refresh every 4 minutes using META tags, so every if the COM DLL is busy for a long time the OPERATION TIMED OUT error will not occur.<BR>Geesh it&#039s quite a remedy, but it works!<BR>And the cool thing is if Microsoft every gets rid of this time out problem in newer releases, my page will take advantage of this. Because the whole &#039work around&#039 process is based on the remote script failing because of Explorer time out.<BR>If you are still reading this you are either confused, bored, or have simular problems. ;) if it&#039s the later, and need help email me <BR>Any way I wish Microsoft would get rid of the browser timeout or give me a way to disable it in script. Netscape doesn&#039t time out.

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