This code is writing the cookie correctly in Netscape 4.72, but not in IE 5.0 .... Anyone have any ideas why?<BR><BR>Response.Cookies("SACCUser")("UserID") = Session("userID")<BR>Response.Cookies("SACCUser")( "EMail") = Session("email")<BR>Response.Cookies("SACCUser")(" fName") = Session("fName")<BR>Response.Cookies("SACCUser")(" lName") = Session("lName")<BR>Response.Cookies("SACCUser")(" Visited") = Now<BR>Response.Cookies("SACCUser").Expires = "7/29/2005"<BR>Response.Cookies("SACCUser").Path = "/"<BR><BR>I&#039ve verified that the session variables have data (that I&#039m reading from the user database), and the problem is in writing the cookie -- not reading it. I&#039ve heard that there may be differences in the old browsers (V3.0) about how you specify domains, but I&#039m accepting the default and not specifying.... Any other differences that would impact the above code?<BR><BR>Kent<BR>