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    Hello fellow developers.<BR>I am having some problems connecting to an oracle database from with&#039in ASP Pages. I am not at all familuar with oracle, all i have ever done has been with MS SQL Server. But the nature of the task i have is only to retrive data from the Oracle DB and display it on a ASP page. So i went on and made a System DSN in the ODBC of the WebServer (NT4/IIS4) and that wasn&#039t easy .. and well i have also installed the Oracle Client 8 on the WebServer .. from there i have got a Connection with the DataBase using a Utility called SQL PLUS (8.0) this worked after i used something called Net8 Easy Config. and I also stupled apon something called Oracle Objects for OLE. Seemed to could do the job but i haven&#039t figured out yet how to use it.. <BR>Next i found a util called Oracle ODBC Test, I opened that application and chose the DSN i just made, but i GOT and Error telling me that it could not connect. So i am a litle confused here .. it seems that i can get the connection between the SQL Query Util(SQL PLUS) but not with the ODBC thingy .. The question is simple. What is the best ways to connect to a Oracle DB via ASP to pull out a couple of tables, with out going through to much of a hazzle. And also can the OO4O (Oracle Objects for OLE) be used to do this task and if so is it better than a ODBC connection .. and of cz URL&#039s to Examples would be great. <BR><BR>Thanks for reading this long MSG and please reply soon<BR>Adalsteinn Ottarsson<BR>OZ.COM<BR>

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    The connection string is the same as SQL Server.<BR><BR>Something like this works for me.<BR><BR>Set DataConnection = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR>DataCon nection.Open "DSN=dsnname; UID=yourid; PWD=*****;"<BR>

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