hi,<BR><BR>i am trying to update the records so for that i am using interface for that but its giving me error i don&#039t know what is the command for updation the records in databse.so i written the code below please look at it and sugguest me what to do.<BR><BR>proj=session("proj_ok")<BR>Client=reque st.form("client")<BR>client_n=request.form("client _n")<BR>PM=request.form("PM")<BR>revenue=Request.f orm("revenue")<BR>Start_Date=request.form("Start_D ate")<BR>Baseline_End=request.form("Baseline_End") <BR>Expected_End=request.form("Expected_End")<BR>C urrent_Status=request.form("Current_Status")<BR>Co mments=request.form("Comments")<BR>msql = "DELETE * from dat1 WHERE Project_id = " & "&#039" & proj & "&#039"<BR>Set Con = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR>Con.Ope n "DSN=test"<BR>con.execute msql<BR>response.write "record deleted"<BR>Con.Close