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    I am trying to learn asp from home and want to use sql server. i was not able to do that due to lack of software but found out i could use the MSDE included with office2000. my question is, how do i manipulate the tables and data in the database? does msde have some sort of a front end program for this?

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    Renea Finlay Guest

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    Doesn&#039t MSDE stand for Microsoft Data Exchange? I would think that you could use MS Access 2000 application, if you are running Office 2000 Professional Edition which contains the MS Access 2000 program. Any further questions, please email me at

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    Rob Barthle Guest

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    MSDE is Microsoft Data Engine.<BR><BR>I have tried using Access 2000 as a front end, and it works for the most part, except that I cannot do any insert, update or delete queries from that. It works fine if I connect to it from SQL 7.0 Enterprise Manager at work.<BR><BR>I have started another thread about this problem from an ASP page. If you have ideas on this, please let me know.

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