I have been doing ASP for about a year, and I develop using Visual Interdev and PWS to test my scripts before uploading. This works except for one small hassle, which is driving me up the wall. <BR><BR>On my win98 PC, I have a dialup ISP account. In order to browse the web, I need to go to Internet Options/Connection, and set it to connect via phoneline and enable proxy. Then I can surf, but I cannot test my scripts, as it attempts to go online. If I am online it looks for my PWS on the web and come up with a site "http://www.localhost.com/". In order to test the scripts on pws, I have to set the connection to Lan and disable the proxy.<BR><BR>I have learned to live with this, but I would really appreciate it if someone could let me know how to set it up so that I do not have to keep swapping the sttings. Maybe it may be by making PWS run on a different port (8080), but I don&#039t know how to make it do that either.<BR><BR>Another small problem I have is with PWS on a Win95 PC, which connects to internet via lan and proxy. I don&#039t have to juggle settings to use PWS, but I always have to manually start PWS. I would also appreciate if someone could tell me how to make PWS start automatically.