error: the requested resource is in use.

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Thread: error: the requested resource is in use.

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    anjelone Guest

    Default error: the requested resource is in use.

    This line shows up on a blank page after a POST has taken place or when a query is being done on SQL from ASP/vbscript code. It has happened on various machines and various pages, the only common thing is a SQL query using regular ol&#039 variables.<BR>A refresh once or a few times will get the page to respond. <BR>It doesn&#039t look like ADO connection or any variables carry the same name across these various pages. It has happened on a submit from a POST and GET, as well as on a simple data display page.<BR>We use IIS with about 400 users. <BR><BR>Does this seem like more an IIS issue to anyone or am I missing something.<BR>Any ideas would be great help!

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    anjelone Guest

    Default RE: error: the requested resource is in use.

    I found this reply on another post and it has resolve the issue:<BR><BR>Look at Microsoft Knowledge base article Q182059.<BR>To quote the article "changing the default selection from caching ISAPI application to not caching ISAPI application causes IIS 4.0 to return the following error to the browser when an Active Server Page (ASP) is executed on the server: The requested resource is in use <BR><BR>Go into the Management Console, select the properties for the web site, select Configuration, and then make sure that &#039Cashe ISAPI Applications&#039 is selected.<BR>

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