I&#039m using a combination of a user cookie, session variables and a member database (Access DB) to restrict access to some areas and functions on my site, in addition to tracking when they last visited. It has been working fine until recently, when I used the FrontPage 2000 Database Results Wizard to generate some quick report utilities. Now the cookies are now longer writing .... Has anyone else encountered this problem? Any suggestions on how to fix it?<BR><BR>I&#039m setting the cookie as follows:<BR>Response.Cookies("SACCUser")("UserID") = Session("userID")<BR>Response.Cookies("SACCUser")( "EMail") = Session("email")<BR>Response.Cookies("SACCUser")(" fName") = Session("fName")<BR>Response.Cookies("SACCUser")(" lName") = Session("lName")<BR>Response.Cookies("SACCUser")(" Visited") = Now<BR>Response.Cookies("SACCUser").Expires = Date + 1000<BR>Response.Cookies("SACCUser").Path = "/"<BR><BR>I&#039m reading it as follows:<BR>IF Request.Cookies("SACCUser").HasKeys THEN &#039 --- get cookie info<BR> Session("userID") = Request.Cookies("SACCUser")("UserID")<BR> Session("email") = Request.Cookies("SACCUser")("EMail")<BR><BR>I can&#039t see any problems with the code, and I don&#039t know what FrontPage 2000 did (it did nothing on these pages) other than stick some new stuff in the global.asa file.... Any ideas?<BR><BR>TIA<BR>Kent<BR><BR>