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    At this point, I&#039m wondering what to look for -- what *appears* to be going on is that IIS can&#039t use specific components with the average user (both IUSR and a test-built webUser).<BR><BR>Nasty Details:<BR>I have "Cute Little App (CLA)" which installs and runs on my servers just fine. An associate has a server on which it installs fine, but tosses permissions errors (causing .createObject to fail at the script level). I&#039ll refer to it as "Server Gone South (SGS)". SGS can install and run Software Artisans components just fine, just like my servers. I have repeatedly installed and uninstalled CLA in an attempt to find a directory/permissions setup it&#039s happy with. Even when it&#039s right next to the Software Artisans stuff, CLA isn&#039t happy.<BR><BR>CLA is happy with me setting the anonymous web user to the SGS Administrator account. This is, of course, not a very sound option in my book. CLA is temporarily happy with having other users accessing it after the Administrator is the default browser, but it doesn&#039t last -- restarting IIS or reinstalling the .dll sets it back to permssions errors.<BR><BR>So, any ideas on why SGS will give CLA over to its Administrator but no other accounts? Any possible points of difference to check between SGS and my servers? My own servers never gave me this much trouble...<BR><BR>Thanks!

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    It might be registry permissions rather than file permissions that are causing this problem. I didn&#039t even realise that there *were* registry permissions until I ran into this kind of error - use regedt32.exe to check that your internet user can read the necessary keys (though exactly which keys those are I never figured out).<BR><BR>That would explain why it works for an Admin user.<BR><BR>Dunc

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