I am trying to get index server to search word docs using ADO. I have code that uses the query and utility objects and that works fine, but my paging code is for ADO, ok, so the trouble I&#039m having is that the recordset returned is empty. Let&#039s say my catalog name is CAT1 and the directory to be searched is <BR>c:inetpubcat1 and the keyword is eidos.<BR><BR>My sql query looks like this <BR>SELECT Characterization,Contents,Filename,HitCount,Rank,W rite,vPath,DocTitle,path FROM SCOPE(&#039"c:inetpubcat1"&#039) WHERE CONTAINS(&#039"eidos"&#039)<BR><BR>This returns an empty query. I do get results when I use the query and utility objects, and if I happen to change that part inside the SCOPE to SCOPE(&#039"/"&#039), I get results<BR><BR>So what&#039s wrong with my original query? How do I specify the catalog to be searched.<BR><BR>Note: I also added the DEEP TRAVERSAL OF, and nothing.<BR><BR>I hope someone knows the answer, if you read this far, you probably do.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Moshe<BR>