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    no matter what i&#039m doing, sending form to email or trying a database, anything that contains a server.createobject does not work. <BR><BR>other asp commands such as finding the time and isp and getting form elements work , but not the server.createobject. <BR><BR>And i have no idea what could possibly be the problem. <BR><BR>It&#039s not the code because i&#039ve tried many different codes from several sources which still come up with the same results. <BR><BR>Could the problem be with how my server is configured? I&#039m running on a Win NT, IIS 4.0 +option, smtp enabled, and all that good stuff... is there something that needs to be turned on?<BR><BR>any help would be wonderful!<BR><BR>marie

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    Go to the directory where the web is contained and makesure that the IUSR user is granted execute permissions. The server.createobject won&#039t work unless those permissions are set. <BR>Also, another way to do this is go to the MMC and check the Application settings. This will be on the Home Directory tab and you will see three radio buttons at the bottom. Select the execute one and then click apply. This should solve your problem.

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