I would like to set up a web site that enables customers to preview an application that reads and writes from a database.<BR>The Customers will log on to the site with a password. They will bepresented with a demo database with default values in it. I would like the customers to have full access to the database(Read and write as the wish).<BR><BR>When the customer leaves the website or logs out I would like to throw away the changes to the data base.<BR>When the customer logs onto the site again he will be presented with the demo database with its original default data.<BR><BR>How do implement the database portion of this Website. I do not want the original demo dB to be changed. Can I implement a whole database as a session object using ASP?<BR>I thought of copying the dB everytime a customer logins in to a temporary location on the server. This can get very expensive and dangerous if there are a lot of users at one particular time. Is there another solution?<BR><BR>I have been told I could use cookies? How would I do this?<BR><BR>I am new to ASP and web programming, I have read and skimmed a couple of books. I can&#039t find anything that relates to this particular topic.<BR><BR>I am using an MS Access data base.<BR><BR>If any can help it would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Scott Norris<BR><BR><BR>