Hi<BR>Thanks to whosoever is reading this..<BR><BR>The problem is as follows:-<BR><BR>1. I have a &#060;input type="file"&#062; object in my form.<BR>2. On the click of browse button the user get a popup file dialog, and he/she selects the file.<BR>3. When the form is submitted i&#039m running an ASP which uses the {fileObject.GetFolder(filePath)} method.<BR>4. The code works fine if the file that was selected was in the same site (ie: under the site root folder, on an of its subfolders).<BR>5. If the file were outside the site path, then the ASP promts an error message "Path not found" (at the line where that GetFolder() function is executed).<BR><BR>As far as my knowledge goes, this is logical. Because it should not allow to access any folder or file outside the scope of site. But since this is an inhouse project we can configure our webserver as we want. So if u have any solution for this problem please let me know. Feel free to reply even if the solution demands configuration of the webserver.<BR><BR>My email is saurabhjog@yahoo.com<BR><BR>if you need hte full code please give ur email, i will send u the files as attachments.