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    Friends, i&#039hv been troubled by the fnt size that can be incresed in the browser. Since i&#039hv got no control on the browser, how do i stop user from not incresing the font size. B&#039coz if a user increases the font size in the browser, my html page goes for a toss. If u know any solution for this please let me know.

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    Tough - how the page is diplayed is up to the browser and that&#039s the WHOLE POINT of HTML!! What if your user has a serious sight defect that means they can&#039t read anything smaller than 32pt? Or maybe they&#039ve got an huge monitor set at very high resolution leaving your page the size of a postage stamp?<BR><BR>The art of web page design is to take these things into account. Anyone can design a page that looks good on their machine with their settings - it&#039s getting it to look good for the maximum number of people and acceptable for everybody else that takes skill and is worth money.<BR><BR>Dunc

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