Let&#039s start with what I can do: I can search my db with no errors, and relevant records are brought up. I can search with exact terms, and if the field equals the term _exactly_ then the database counts it as a hit. I can search using WHERE fieldname LIKE &#039%term%&#039, and then the database counts the field as a hit if it contains the search term. But, it also brings up irrelevant hits. For example, if I am looking for the term "ears," records with "years," "gears," and plenty of other silly stuff come up too. The problem is that I can&#039t do an exact match because the word "ears" is in a sentence, and is therefore surrounded by other words in the field. How can I get more restrictive searches? I should be able to specify through an html form that I want one word and one word only and have my database comply. Resistance should be futile.<BR><BR>Thanks for comments folks,<BR>--Caleb