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    Jeanne Guest

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    Dear All,<BR>If I have 3 variables,namely var1,var2,var3,<BR>can I use some technique so that I can call them<BR>in terms of varx?<BR>Like : For i=1 to 3<BR> vari=.......<BR>I have tried "var" & i but not successful<BR>Can someone help?<BR>Thank you very much!

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    jason Guest

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    use an array<BR><BR>in JScript<BR><BR>var arr = new Array()<BR>arr[0] = value<BR>arr[1] = value<BR><BR>similar for vbscript, but with round brackets, and no &#039new&#039 keyword (or &#039var keyword)<BR><BR>jason

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    Jeanne Guest

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    Yes,you are right,by implementing Array can achieve such task.<BR>However,I want to know if it is feasible to access variables <BR>by a FOR loop which are in forms of varx where x is a number.<BR>Since those var1,var2 are 1 dimension array already .If I use array to implememet them again,then I have to use 2D array and I don&#039t want to change the data structure to such great extent.<BR><BR>Thank you very much!

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