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    I have an asp page with has a left and a right frame. The page is supposed to work like this: choose an item in the select box on the left frame, then the right frame will load up a page with some data from the database according to whichever item that is chosen. This is done using javascript by setting the location property of the rightframe as follows: parent.rightframe.location = "newpage.asp". But the problem is the right frame doesn&#039t reflect changes made to the database because the right frame keeps loading from the cache memory. How do I make the frame load from the server? Plese help. Thank you very much in advance.<BR>Jane<BR>

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    Check out

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    even me to facing the similar type, but my problem is that<BR> i&#039m using onchange event in the left frame ,with respect to the query it loads the content<BR> in the right frame, now comes the problem, agin i have an onchange event in the right<BR> frame, i&#039ve written the code as "onchange any function, it is document.frmname.submit()", this is<BR> working fine , but the page is not loading the right frame , instead it diplays in new page <BR> clear me this pls.

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