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    Abhijit Guest

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    I have a problem.<BR>When the user submits a given form and he tries to get to the previous page by clicking on the "back" button of the browser he should not be able to see that page.<BR>The various caching techniques narrated at( ) are not working with my browser

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    SamJ Guest

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    Unless I&#039m not understanding something about your question, I think you may misunderstand about caching. Caching doesn&#039t have anything to do with a browser&#039s history. The user can always use the back button to go to the last page in thier browsers history unless you gave them a popup window without the history.<BR><BR>The Caching tricks will prevent old information from showing up on a page. So the user will be able to go back to a page, but that page should not be cached and should have to reload from scratch (if that "back" page has the "Response.ExpiresAbsolute = Now() - 1" statement in it).<BR><BR>If I am misunderstanding your question let me know.

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