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    Is there a way to have my java application take in parameters from an ASP, do some calculations, and spit out some answer which again will be handled by my ASP?

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    as long as your java application has public methods available, and they accept and return asp compatible data, yes it is, and it&#039s quite easy. <BR><BR>you need to drop your .class file into a folder called trustlib, usually in your windows root folder under &#039java&#039<BR><BR>from your asp script, call getObject() like so<BR><BR>set javaObject = getObject("java:myClass") <BR><BR>where myClass is the filename of your .class file.<BR><BR>you can then call public methods and properties etc.. from your script, as you would with any COM object/component. if you&#039re good at java this is a great way of creating good ASP scripts - but take care to document the classes somewhere, as trustlib can get pretty full if you use it a lot... (and i&#039ve found using subfoldes of trustlib doesn&#039t always work)<BR><BR>jason

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    Yes. You can use a Java class as a COM server component under ASP, so you can write a proxy that will expose the necessary functionality from your Java app to ASP through COM. You may even be able to bypass this and just use your app as a COM server.<BR><BR>I&#039ve never actually done it, but I know it can be done...<BR><BR>Dunc

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