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    Rude Jake Guest

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    How are some sites parsing ASP and SSI on standard HTML pages?<BR>Are they reconfiguring IIS? They aren&#039t running in a frameset.<BR><BR>Is there some trick here that I&#039m still missing out on?

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    Shedao Shai Guest

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    There are 3 ways I can think of but - <BR>1. use shtml (which is similiar extension) -but I think you&#039ve already checked this.<BR>2. reconfigure IIS to parse .html with the asp.dll<BR>- this would be very stupid. EVERY html file would be parsed.<BR>*a very weak implementation*<BR>3. ISAPI filter - filter the incoming and outgoing info and then call the asp dll from within to parse info. - *hell, im not even sure if that is possible*<BR>

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