Hello,<BR>I am very new to ASP and don&#039t know much at all so most of these question should be very easy for most of you. <BR>I need to create an online CBT test. My requirments are as follows: <BR>1. When user goes to take the multiple-choice test the 8 questions he/she gets are randomly generated from a database pool of about 20 questions or so. So first off, how would I set up the database itself? I&#039ve decided to use Access for this task. Also, how does the HTML page the user actually sees get generated?<BR>2. Once the user selects his answers and submits the test, his/her answers need to be corrected and graded against the correct answers in the database. How do I create a method where the users answers are graded against the database? Is there code somewhere on the net that I can use and tweak to my own needs?<BR>3.Regardless of the outcome of the test, the results must be mailed to a pre-defined email address. This part is relatively easy to do from what I understand. The question is: How do I generate a corrected results text file that will be sent to the email address?<BR>4. The user, after submitting his test, will get a message that he/she either passed or failed the test but will NOT get the corrected results back, just a simple message of success or failure. What&#039s the code to generate this message? Thanks a lot in advance