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    I&#039m trying to learn how to create tables without actually having to crack open the actual MS ACCESS program with SQL...I&#039ve found resources on this, but they only give me how make number, text, and date fields (and a couple of others).<BR><BR>my problem is that they don&#039t say how to make an autonumber and memo question is?<BR><BR>are these fields by chance ACCESS only fields...if I wanted to learn SQL server...would I have to learn new datatypes or something.<BR>either way, how would you make these fields using SQL...I know it&#039s something like this:<BR><BR>-------------<BR>CREATE TABLE customers (cust_id autonumber, cust_name memo)<BR>-------------<BR><BR>naturally, the "autonumber" and "memo" field definitions are wrong, or I wouldn&#039t be posting this...any help would be appreciated.<BR><BR>thanks,<BR>Joel<BR>

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    If you look at the thread (about 4 or 5 down the list), you&#039ll find an exact example from SQL Server Books on Line. Just search the page for "identity".

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    I&#039m looking to make 2 fields in particular...a memo field, and an autonumber field...I know the basic syntax, but I can&#039t find anywhere that tells me the syntax for those 2 fields...<BR><BR>thanks again in advance<BR><BR>joel

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