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    I am curious as to whether either of the two scenarios are possibles. I need to use a framed page but break the frame when the user clicks on a submit button to send a form, The reason being that the page the form goes to cannot be loaded into frames.<BR><BR>So can i -<BR><BR>A - Use a function tied to the submit button that breaks the frame before the browser redirects to the forms submit page.<BR><BR>B - send the form to an ASP page which breaks the frame and puts the variables into another form and automatically sends itself to the correct page?<BR><BR>I cannot use the URL to pass the information<BR><BR>If that makes sense, thanks for any help !

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    Just use the plain old HTML target attribute.<BR><BR>&#060;FORM ACTION="yourpage.asp" METHOD="post" target="_top"&#062;

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