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    How can you have download capability in an ASP page? I need to be able to click on any type of file (txt, rtf, etc.) and the file be downloaded to my local machine.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Default Download is *not* done by ASP

    Download is done by the browser. ASP doesn&#039t enter into it. <BR><BR>You just need an &#060;A HREF=...&#062; of the appropriate type. But be forewarned: Whether a given file TYPE will download or display in the browser can and does depend upon each individual&#039s browser settings. So most browser will display *.txt and many will display *.rtf, for example.<BR><BR>

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    the other jason Guest

    Default sod this, i'm changing my handle

    i don&#039t want to be confused with people asking daft questions - i&#039m using my handle from now on......<BR><BR>jason<BR>(now atrax)

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    Default Radical concept: use your full name!

    &nbsp;<BR>Unless, of course, you have something to hide.<BR><BR>(heh!)<BR><BR>(just kidding...hmmm...maybe my "Deus ex Machina" handle is what I should start using!)<BR><BR>

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