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    I was thinking get.<BR><BR>My site basically redirects users to either A) IE4or5 on a Win Platform with Javascript enabled to aspMain.asp page , so I can use DHTML-MS DOM, or to B.) a page I called Low Level Browsers. I use the BrowserCap object to detect if the browser is IE4or5 w/JS. What I want to do is take that information and then Response.write it to the Lowlevel browser page, so users know why they got the lame page. I don&#039t know how to get the info to the low level page with out using a submit button or a session variable. How do you write a url dynamically? I think that is what I am trying to do, but it must accept the Request.Querystring on the other end. If I just append the info to the URL used in the Redirect, I don&#039t think it will be accepted by the Request.Querystring on the other end. So I though I could use Server.URLEncode somehow. <BR>Isn&#039t it amazing how the books explain everything except the part you don&#039t understant. This is an awsome site.<BR><BR>The name I was trying to fit was, please eMail me if you think you can help. Maybe I can help someone with ISAPI question?

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    You don&#039t response.write them to the other page, but you response.redirect them. You could say:<BR>response.redirect "lowlevel.asp". If you want to pass a variable you could say:<BR>response.redirect "lowlevel.asp?variable"<BR><BR>Otherwise, if you wanted to use response.write you could say:<BR>if browser_type=whatever then<BR>response.write "You have a crumby browser. Too bad for you"<BR>else<BR>whatever<BR>end if<BR>

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