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    Hi, I am a newbie and need an advice on the app structure. My boss wants me to use the imitation of the tab control on the form. When the user clicks on the tab, the new page is being opened. The user will fill in some information and switch to another tab. The problem is that I will be using just one stored procedure to write the information from all the tabs. Is this possible or I need to have just one page (with the total of 80 controls)?<BR>Appreciate any advice.

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    if the tab controls are being used to collect information in a linear fashion, you can store the entered values in cookies, then just do one database update, but if there are numerous different way of going through the tabs, you&#039d be best creating aeparate pages (for your own sake) it is possible do do it all in one page, but the code will grow and grow, and then you&#039ll be in trouble...<BR><BR>jason

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    Thanks a lot for your advice. It seems to be the best solution.<BR>Lana

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