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    Rob Caruso Guest

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    For some reason when I make changes and reload some of my ASP pages they do not refresh unless I explicity hit the refresh this a feature that I can turn off?

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    Suresh Guest

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    Sometimes the request does not go to the Server when <BR>we press refresh...Its done..<BR>Stupid answer? Excuse me..

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    AV8R Guest

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    I get the same trouble. It appears that the page is cached from a previous visit and the browser doesn&#039t appear to reload the new version without you explicitly hitting refresh. The only way around it is to change your cache settings.

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    I had same problem and solved it by putting this code on all my pages. &#060;% Response.expires=0%&#062; Your pages wont be "stored or remembered" and will be loaded with current copy each time. Hope this helps<BR>

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