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    I have a small Access 97 database, nothing fancy, and I created a simple ASP page to query it. The preliminary HTML search parameters page has a dropdown box containing state names, along with another simple text box to query on country names entered by the viewer.<BR><BR>The problem is that the dropbox works just fine in IE, but it isn&#039t even VISIBLE in Netscape on the server! However, I copied the file to another server and it works fine there in Netscape! The simple text box shows up just fine in both browsers. <BR><BR>*Obviously* there is something different between the two servers, but I&#039ll be durned if I know what it is.<BR><BR>The server that doesn&#039t show the field is, I understand, an IIS 5.0 server:<BR><BR> (Does not show the state search box)<BR><BR>The server that works fine is an IIS 3.0 server at:<BR><BR> (Shows the state search box correctly (bg image file not copied here, that&#039s fine).<BR><BR>Clearly one difference is the server version level, and I have asked the ewebcity folks to look into why the same file doesn&#039t work the same in the exact same browser but on two unrelated servers, but so far I haven&#039t heard from them. I wonder if there&#039s something they need to turn on to enable certain features?? Has anyone else experienced something like this?<BR><BR>TIA<BR>

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    The page that doesn&#039t work seems to be missing the closing &#060;/select&#062; tag. The other page has it.

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