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    shawn. Guest

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    I&#039m helping set up a website for a department in my college. I won&#039t be around when updates need to be made, so I was thinking of setting up an Access database that will store all the text (greeting messages, dept news, etc) for the site. Then when they want to update any of the text, they need only open a form in Access to add to/edit the database and then upload the database. Considering there is no one in the department with html skills, I feel this may be the easiest way for them to update the site. <BR><BR>What I would like to know is: <BR><BR>1) would this be a reasonable solution in a situation where the site would be accessed a few hundred times a day? would this significantly bring down the performance of the site? I&#039m new to ASP, but have done this in Cold Fusion with success in the past. <BR><BR>and <BR><BR>2) can Access handle this kind of load? SQL server is not an option, unfortunately.

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    Panos Barbalias Guest

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    It will work ok, just remember to use OLE DB technology to connect to the database through ASP.

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