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    I need 4 buttons Movefirst,Movenext,Moveprevious,Movelast<BR>for to navigating records. <BR>Here i am able to get first and last but i have problem with<BR>next and previous. Please help me<BR>

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    Hi,<BR>The problem is that when the page is recreated when pressing either of these buttons, the recordset has lost its position in the database. What you could do is store the recset position in a hidden text box, and when posted (next button) use the move command to move to the appropriate record.<BR>dim moveRec<BR>moveRec=request.form("txtLastRec")<BR>i f movenext<BR>moveRec=moverec+1<BR>else<BR>moverec=m overec-1<BR>end if<BR>of course check for eof and bof.<BR>rsRecSet.move(moverec)<BR><BR>Hope this helps,<BR>SteveF

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